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See examples with pictures of how we have helped other businesses like yours with their in-office networks.

The cost of technological inefficiency and loss of service is fast becoming a major problem for businesses. If your email, phone systems or Internet link goes down you can be assured of many hours lost productivity and thumb twiddling while someone gets there to sort it out.  Structured wired and wireless networking is becoming crucial to link computers, printers, internet connections and other devices while ensuring that those devices stay linked and stay working.

Many offices don’t currently have sufficient networking infrastructure in place and struggle with:

  • Intermittent Internet or local connectivity
  • Service crashes (email, phone systems etc.)
  • Lack of network security
  • Tedious methods of solving business goals (sending files to another employee via a flash drive or printing from a single machine)
  • Manual and fragmented backups
  • Lack of centralized computer management or reporting
  • High cost of unstructured network maintenance (callouts to fix that broken cable, etc.)

Having a wired and wireless network in your office can provide great cost savings and boost efficiency of office staff.  We offer:

  • Extension and neatening of your existing network
  • Cable installation and ducting
  • Network setup and configuration
  • Supply and installation of cabinets, routers, switches and Internet uplinks.
  • Maintenance and repair of existing networks
  • End user training on how to handle and troubleshoot typical office networks.

All this is done with our in house developed best practices to minimize downtime and disruption. Call one of our in house technicians now for any questions you may have.




Khula enterprises reported a problem with their Internet connection. Turned out , they had been disconnected by someone tripping over a cable. This was because all of their network equipment was LYING ON THE FLOOR. Obviously , it had been put together piece by piece , and not much thought had been given to its ordering , security or safety. RetroMod went in , cleaned up the mess and reconfigured the network.