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At RetroMod , we help your business make more money and dramatically cut costs with technology. From phone systems and custom software to computers and printers , we take care of it at a reasonable rate. Heres how we do it

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For businesses , those plastic things with electronics inside can mean success or failure in a digital world. We make it easy , simple , and techno-free for you. See how we've helped other businesses like yours

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These businesses and organisations dont worry about who to call when their email is broken or why their server crashed.We take care of them so they can do what they're good at. Previous Customer List

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How we've helped other businesses

Khula enterprises reported a problem with their Internet connection. Turned out , they had been disconnected by someone tripping over a cable. This was because all of their network equipment was LYING ON THE FLOOR. Obviously , it had been put together piece by piece , and not much thought had been given to its ordering , security or safety. RetroMod went in , cleaned up the mess and reconfigured the network.

Smart Xchange required us to repair and maintain their server bank , which included an IBM Bladecenter chassis and blades along with a few IBM standalone servers. Deploying a cloud operating system onto the blades gave us a vastly improved environment on which to run UNIX based servers.