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microsite-package-small.pngOur Micro Site package is for those small sites of less than 15 pages that need a boost in traffic and conversion rates in line with what a micro sized business would be able to handle. We provide the essential set of optimization services to get you going on the right track.The package includes :

  • An intial report and plan outlining strategy and direction

  • Keyword research and recommendations

  • Review of internal search engine friendliness issues

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Content creation suggestions

  • Optimization of each page to cater for the search engines and for conversion.

  • English and grammar check and repair

  • Website code validation and Optimization

  • Usability optimization and adjustment of design.

  • Monthly statistics and goal reporting to track progress - mailed to your door.

  • 2 Hours intial telephone consulting.

  • Uploading of 2 content pages per month.

  • 2 incoming links built per day

  • 1 article submitted to 100 of the best articles sites per month

  • Image and media optimization

  • Duplicate content check and repair

* Optional pay per click campaigns and other additional marketing strategies available.

Price : Aprox R5500 initial fee and Aprox R650 monthly for 12 months. Package Comparison



Our Small Business Package contains optimization services for those sites that are a little bigger and 70 pages or less. It includes a more sophisticated set of features that tailors to the needs of a small business that are undergoing growth.The package includes :

  • An initial face to face consultation , and the drafting of an initial report and strategic plan for the approval of management.

  • Keyword research and recommendations with relevant members of staff

  • Review of internal search engine friendliness issues in conjunction with marketing dept Competitive Analysis done in conjunction with marketing dept.

  • Content creation suggestions

  • Proposal for site redesign

  • Information Architecture design

  • Website code validation and Optimization

  • Optimization of each page to improve search engine rankings and conversion. The marketing , product development and PR departments will be consulted , as well as the website designer.

  • English and Grammar check and repair

  • Usability optimization - in collaboration with the websites designer

  • Monthly statistics and goal reporting

  • 10 content page additions per month

  • 10 - 15 quality incoming links built per day

  • 3 articles submitted monthly to the 100 best article sites.

  • Image and media optimization

  • Duplicate content check and repair

  • Optional Pay Per Click campaigns and other supplementary e-marketing strategies available.

Price : Approx R12500 intial fee and Approx R2700 monthly for 12 months Package Comparison


Our Enterprise Package is geared towards larger companies with a more complex website. It includes heavy and involved SEO of your companies website to produce outstanding ROI in competitive conditions.The package includes :

  • Introduction presentation to management on a compiled SEO strategy

  • Keyword research and recommendations undergone with the involvement of the marketing dept.

  • Entire website review and redesign

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Information Architecture design

  • Complete website overhaul including design , images , content and code.

  • Usability Optimization

  • Comprehensive custom tailored on and off page SEO strategy

  • 20 hours of consultation over the 12 month life of the contract

Price : Approx R45000 - R75000 and R8000 - R12000 monthly. Package Comparison


Corporate and Custom Packages include our complete set of optimization services tailored to your individual needs. This package is usually for huge sites and intense competition in the industry.

Services will be reviewed and priced according to decisions based on research of the companies current position.Prices available in the form of a custom quote after consultation.

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